Koji Kondo Shrine

posted in MnP93 on May 30, 2018
The strongest influence on this track is from the Shrine Theme of Breath of the Wild, and given that BOTW is somewhat of a return to form for the Legend of Zelda series, it seemed appropriate. I also threw in a little bit of the tone of Arrival in at the beginning (accidentally).
EDIT: Just a quick update for clarity on some parts.

[BONUS} The Journey on Tallon IV

posted in MnP87 on Jan 31, 2018
Bonus Entry - Do Not Vote

I originally wanted to make a straight-up 80s pop remix of this piece, but it quickly became more Sci-fi and rock-ish than I intended. Nevertheless, I enjoy how it turned out and decided to embrace the path I was accidentally forging.

Labyrinth of Woah

posted in MnP86 on Jan 17, 2018
This is a darker, mysterious take on the Woah Zone, with a tense sequence to invoke the panic of scrambling through the maze and defeating enemies. I should know, I played the game. XD

Morse and the Third Child

posted in PRC338 on Dec 30, 2016
A thematic take on the Psycho Mantis Battle Theme from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. I combined electronic elements from the source track, string elements and FX from the Screaming Mantis Theme from MGS4, the cinematic traits of the Psychic Child's introduction in MGSV, and his signature "Blackout" moment that completely surprised me as well as many other players. For a couple easter eggs, translate the beginning and ending messages with Morse Code.

Galavanting Through the Garden

posted in MnP64 on Nov 29, 2016
This source tune provides lots of opportunity for energy and playfulness, so that was something I intended to capture with this choice of instruments, especially the brass, guitar, and a rotary organ. Aside from that, the structure and harmony remain the same, with a modulation to create a more satisfying ending.

(BONUS) Gettin' High on Rails

posted in MnP63 on Nov 14, 2016
While I wanted to keep the high energy of the source material, I also wished to emphasize a sense of space and altitude, since the whole stage casts such an expansive and impressive horizon.

Waterlogged Soil

posted in MnP62 on Oct 25, 2016
A straightforward cover of the source material, with an allusion to the Torvus Bog Submerged track from Metroid Prime 2. There is emphasis on evoking the feeling of mystery and apprehension of being underwater.
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