posted in OHC020 on Jan 29, 2009
Once upon a day, very far away, on EARTH, there was a time, when heroes fought evil, and Blades will Bleed, but will evil triumph? Or will mice and men make plans? The little people must be thanked, the famous people must be pranked. April fools and break your bones but fun will never hurt you. :P

Lazerz in your earz

posted in OHC019 on Jan 22, 2009
This is what it sounds like to have lazerz in your earz in space. It hurts a lot. If dinosaurs ever tried to take the moon with lasers this is what it would sound like. Props to anyone who manages to make it through the whole song.

Kick It

posted in OHC018 on Jan 15, 2009
My first compo entry, this is the club you got kicked out of, and had to listen to the music while counting the gum squished into the pavement.
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