Oracle of Shuffle

posted in PRC98 on Jul 13, 2007
Well this is a first for me, so uh, I hope I'm doing this right.

Also, excuse the lame name, I haven't played the game so I'm not able to make some witty in-game meta reference, and have to resort to lameness. =P

This was one of those mixes where I heard the original, the idea for this remix immediately popped up in my head, and I started humming it right away. Basically everything worked out, so I arranged it in one day, did most of the production in one day, used one day to tie up loose ends, and spent this day on a mastering session.

I was originally aiming for a Chuck Berry-esque Rock n Roll sound, but the drum patterns got jazzier as I worked on it, so I finally decided to leave out the guitar.

Well, enjoy, I guess =D
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PRC99 Jul 28, 2007