neyon liyghts

posted in 2HTS488 on Aug 06, 2023

these lyrics are cringe don't read them lmao


i've found my peace

on the back of an 

album sleeve

it's a mystery

how it goes

at this pace

i'll never know

is it

a problem when you find you're caged

up in

these neon lights


you finally start to to understand


these neon lights


your problems up and slipped away


on neon lights


your shackles slot into the stage


your neon lights 


posted in 2HTS486 on Jul 23, 2023

this mark you left to me

is stained eternally

no words to formulate

the pain that propagates

i said "i need to know"

you'll never let me go

ten years cycled by

you never told me why

you left me here with such a sullen embrace and

you went out on your journey with a smile on your face and i can't

find the courage yet but i know will

when i look into my mirror and i know i known i know 

this mark is permanent

French Tuck

posted in 2HTS485 on Jul 16, 2023

i wanted to write more lyrics, but i'm rusty in my workflow and ran out of time. but like, the idea was a guy who did everything he was told he was supposed to, dress nicer, but it didn't make him feel any different or better, he still had the same problems he always did


i'm buttoned up

but where's my vested interest?

tidied up

but nothing's changed, got a

silk touch, but

what the fuck is a French Tuck?

messed up, and i

feel so strange