posted in OHC244 on Jun 13, 2013
We stood there sweating in our armor,
tense and uneasy as we looked across the green.
We knew what was coming,
gone over it a thousand times in our minds
a thousand more by hand.
Muscles itched as the hairs on the back of my neck
twitched in the wind.

A cry, a move, a step
The shuffling of feet and armor
around me as we moved forward.
Forward, screaming
because we had begun an end.

Finals week for me. I feel like I made my own "get pumped" study music.

Carry on without

posted in OHC242 on May 30, 2013
3rd compo.

Walk along and live life in the same way;
as if the world didn't know that they were gone.
Time that carries life along with it inexorably forward,
perhaps now with a different meaning.

Memories of faces, fragments of voices pushed down,
hushed and smothered in quiet anxiety.
Cold sweat and clenched fists in nervous
apprehension of reminiscence.

The curse of memory.
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