The Western

posted in OHC159 on Oct 27, 2011
The Protagonist has just been shot...memories from his past cloud his memory as he relives his life during his final moments.

Inspired Victory

posted in OHC155 on Sep 29, 2011
Just a short 12 second clip of what I started writing (completely unrelated to the theme) during this compo. I had originally started out writing something in relation to the theme, but somehow ended up with this haha. Just wanted to give a sample of what I got done :P

Slave Rebellion

posted in OHC133 on Apr 28, 2011
You have used your power for all the wrong reasons and now your nation will rise against you in victory.

Sorry for the lateness and no automation, I'm new to using Reaper.

Rainforest Canopy

posted in OHC131 on Apr 14, 2011
As you are exploring the vast rain forest, a storm approaches. You quickly dash under one of the nearby trees and watch the various wildlife as you wait it out...

In a Hurry!

posted in OHC117 on Jan 06, 2011
Completely scrapped everything I did in the first 50 minutes and came up with this in the last 5, actually liked the 5 minutes I got into this.
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