Dancefloor of the Retroids

posted in MnP87 on Feb 07, 2018
Tried to keep the ambient vibe of this song while adding some retro feeling to it and working on the drums (my weak point I think :p). Not sure if I should have gone further away from the base material as usual or if it's fine as is, but anyway I hope you guys enjoy it ! Edit: Bassdrum had some clipping at parts, don't know how I overlooked this but anyway i reuploaded a fixed version !

{BONUS} Roki Rock Dreams

posted in PRC361 on Nov 13, 2017
Here comes my take on Mario 2's ending, went for something different from my usual since it's a bonus and i'm experimenting with whatever i have at my disposal, hope you like it :) (Guitars are not recorded as most of you will guess, i unfortunately lack the hardware to do that for now)

Pyrite Jazz

posted in PRC358 on Oct 04, 2017
Here's my take on this nice piece of classy music. Worked mainly on the sound for the first part, then went on with some improvisation on the 2nd one. Stayed pretty close to the original tho even though it's not MnP.

Sakura of Love

posted in MnP69 on Feb 26, 2017
Here is my own entry, went with a more "asian"-themed vibe while keeping close to the original song. Though i'll admit i didn't do much besides fiddle around with instruments and mix a bit, i'm pretty happy with the result.
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