As promised I finished off Moment of Glory, my OHC from last week, and I really like the end result and wanna share it with you guys :D

Can't OHC this week due to meetings and stuff, you guys have fun~

{BONUS} Boardwalk

posted in OHC358 on Aug 20, 2015
I was making this song for the previous OHC, but a power outage in the middle of it meant I had no time. So I just kept going and finished on my own time. Hope you all enjoy!

Out Of Body Experience

posted in OHC226 on Feb 07, 2013
When our grip on life becomes tenuous is when our minds are most open to expanding to the borders of our existence.
Are you plunging into the depths of your own mind, or journeying through time and space to review existence? Are they not the same thing?
How will you mend your troubled soul, when you have all the universe but no control over it?
What do you see? Do you see this world or another? Are you ready to make the journey?
Are you ready to leave yourself behind? Why do you hang on?

We are
Having an out of body experience.
We are
Leaving the physical realm.
We are
Seeking to atone for ourselves.
We are
Not ready for the Ultimate Truth.

(Pianoteq + Audacity)