Venus Caelestis

posted in PRC124 on Jul 11, 2008
LOVED this part of the game.


Because of the size limit of ThaSauce I had to upload a LoFi version of the mix. If you'd like a Superdeluxe-HiFi version, go to: (go there, please :p)
Genre: Just plain ol' trance.

ZOMG! Shrooms! [BONUS]

posted in PRC123 on Jun 28, 2008
Due to popular demand (just64helpin actually) I post this MASTERPIECE here.
Seriously though, I was just toying with the source to see if I could remix it, and I couldn't. So I just took a pill and fantasized about Mario on shrooms, resulting in this.
=D Enjoy!
(it's ok if this doesn't count as an entry though ;-))

[REXY'S NOTE: Sadly it doesn't. But it should still be kept as a bonus entry, simply because it's good happy trance ;)]


posted in PRC119 on May 01, 2008
As I was lurking across the OCR boards I came across this PRC. 119 already... Wow.
Anyway, I knew the source a bit from a few years back and decided to fiddle a bit with it. Came up with a pretty decent tune. It's been a while, but here's my submission.
Hardbass. Like the old days. ;)
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PRC124 Jul 12, 2008
PRC119 May 03, 2008