We are the Dragons

posted in 2DC015 on May 21, 2011
Metal Dragons of the Apocalypse,
Coming from the everybody lips,
They're happy to just sing,
And that's the only thing,
They like to do.

That's the name of the band,
build from blood and sand,
That's who they are,
And that's the only thing
they like to do.


posted in 2DC012 on Apr 09, 2011
A Collaborative effort between Draconiator and Mick Rippon.

Drac did the percussion and the bassline
Mick did the melody stuff and post production.

No More Armageddon

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
A Simple guitar duet. Badly recorded. Badly played. All first take stuff. Left in mistakes. Timing is out. Sound is muddy in places. I should have re-taken it. But oh well.

Perhaps the melody is nice. :)

Time to Jump

posted in OHC126 on Mar 10, 2011
Sorry for the crappy sound, and the singing. Had the song done in about 40 minutes. I thought I was going slower than I really was. (which is why I have time to write this!)

I say forget it,
forget it all,
I say forget it,
forget it all!

On the rooftop,
I resolve,
so I live another day,

Time to Jump,
Into the arms,
To a love that I would stay.

Up Up Up

posted in OHC121 on Feb 03, 2011
Written in about 30 minutes (including the technical stuff). One instrument for everything, excluding the percussion.
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