posted in OHC330 on Feb 05, 2015
In paranoia, there is shadows of every thought, every idea. But at the same time, it offers a certain protection - after all, sooner or later - one must be right, right?

Toxic Heroics

posted in OHC329 on Jan 29, 2015
I wrote the song with a specific story in mind. A villain poisons the love of the "hero's" life. The hero manages to get the antidote, but must reach his love before it's too late. The song is in three stages, the first being right after the poisoning - the second being the hero's struggle to get to the woman with the antidote - and the third being after it has been administered. Interpret the outcome yourself, did it work?

Desire for Peace

posted in OHC324 on Dec 25, 2014
The beginning is a feeling of fear, as I thought "peace" could mean more than tranquility - it could be a lack of fear. So the beginning is symbolizing fear, whereas the piano is playing off the wish for peace, yet the conflict within.

Also, account creation took ages - due to my old account being dead (Christian S, or something)
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