Every Zombie Better Get Up and Dance

posted in OHC030 on Apr 09, 2009
I knew a girl back in Portland
She died at 22 years of age
She was the best dancer
I'd ever see all my days

Turns out that death didn't stop her
She started a Zombie Club in a cave
So zombies go there each weekend

This is the song that plays:
Every zombie get up and dance
Every zombie better get up and dance
Every fuggin zombie better get up and dance

T-Rex Chip Ascends to his Penthouse

posted in OHC025 on Mar 05, 2009
7 years after his victory against the moon colonists, Chip is CEO of a prominent laser manufacturing firm. Surrounded by the trappings of wealth, he can't help but reflect on those he has sinned against on his long, bloody road to the top. As his luxury elevator ascends to the 55th floor, he watches the rain.
Vangelis was approached to score this B movie. He immediately declined, so it was farmed out to the producer's unemployed cousin. This is the music that plays in the final battle when everything goes slowmo and the protagonist sees his wife get ripped in half by Chip's laser beam

missun yur party D:

posted in OHC018 on Jan 15, 2009
saturday night
all my friends they say are staying in
they're taking it off
make a snack or do some laundry

melancholy walk
past the block and see at jason's
there's a flicker of light
and rows of cars they're parking in the street

so i come so i come

mandy is tied at the wrists
and kneeling on the floor
there's 25 guys
in a circle ejaculatig

and they cum and they cum

A Sharp Stick in the Kidney.

posted in OHC008 on Mar 20, 2008
This was originally titled "Harry the Happy Bunny Suddenly Stabs his Best Friend Jeff and Leaves Him for the Wolves," but apparently that's too long of a title.

It takes place in a sun-lit meadow one spring afternoon. Harry still remains at large.

Space is Sexy

posted in OHC007 on Mar 14, 2008
This song is a conceptual nightmare. Imagine yourself strapped to the front of a Saturn rocket, all the while contemplating the inherent sex appeal of intergalactic travel. Now forget that and listen to my wankery.

So Late

posted in OHC005 on Feb 28, 2008
Starla left the submission function open for me so i could throw something together after work. This is more of a sketch of a song then anything else, but it was worth spending 20 minutes on.

Good times.
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