Hello Whirled - Flutter EP

posted in 2HTS535 on Jun 30, 2024

I thought it would be funny if I made a 4-song EP in 2 hours. I did.


Shy posts a sign on the wall

she says "no one moves" out loud

guy sees it, takes it down and personally

vanishes into the crowd


sky glows dark gray over the hot city

sea stains skin purple at dusk

Shy finds her eye isn't working

she says "I've become too brusque"

and floats down to the violet river

plants a seed of the future dead inside

Shy knows she will never get to watch it grow

but what does she know?


written into the world a score ago

and given all the time to g et in position

in vivo, you're alive

in vitro, dead in time

in papyro, you're a line

in silico, you're only a reflection

you're moving too fast for me

slow down, butterfly girl


I'm not getting lost for your degree

or how you choose to teach your history

you're a liar and a thief

and a murderer of the 1st degree

maybe soon the reaper will return

identifying ugly hearts to burn

unified in anger

thought to tear the whole thing down

burning ground


I don't know what I could see if I opened my eyes for once

adrift on a busted raft

I don't think I'll make it onto dry land any time soon

didn't think this through at all really

shit, oh well