posted in OHC175 on Feb 16, 2012
Day in, day out, you walk out of your single family house, wave goodbye to your wife, two kids and dog..

Day in, day out, you get into your family sedan and drive out of your fenced yard and head to work..

Day in, day out, listening to your heartbeat as you drive along with the masses..

Day in, day out, the same thing..

Just for once, you wish for something less monotonous to happen..

Day in, day out, to the sound of your own heartbeat, you keep wishing..

The Work Run

posted in OHC172 on Jan 26, 2012
Early morning, public transport, gotta rush, gotta get to work, people in the way, gotta run for the doors, closing..

.. I don't know c_c

Alone in the Rain

posted in OHC162 on Nov 17, 2011
Who is the person standing alone in the rain? Nobody knows, but as each thunderclap gets louder and louder it seems that he's getting closer.. and closer.. and *closer*..


Septic Facial

posted in OHC157 on Oct 13, 2011
First entry in one of these.

I haven't done a one-hour compo in forever, and it was MIDI one-hour compos then too, so.. yeah. :U

Enjoy, I guess.

Ta to Luke for the name. :P
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