Swallowed Whole

posted in 2HTS356 on Jan 24, 2021

Only managed one verse and a kind of bridge that was meant to be a chorus -  poor time management as usual!

You never knew the ocean

Could ever roar like this

From the shore it seemed nothing more

Than a whispering hiss


But now the waves are crashing

Youre gasping for air

Your arms are like jelly, youre yelling for help

And theres nobody there


But if youre caught inside

Trapped by the rising tide

You can let the waves swallow you whole

Or you can learn to ride


posted in 2HTS354 on Jan 10, 2021

(Not my actual views, I assume that is obvious!)


They tried to stick a vaccine in my arm

They tried to tell me 5G dont do no harm

They tried to tell the chemtrails up there

Are just some harmless mist


They tried to tell me the earth is round like a ball

They tried to tell me QAnon aint true at all

They tried to tell me the lizard illuminati

Dont exist


They say Im just trying to scare the kids

With tales of ManBearPig

But I swear the air is thick

With lies and conspiracy

Maybe one day youll see

The Fashion Victim

posted in 2HTS333 on Aug 16, 2020

Pretty much my first time attempting lyrics and vocals, like ever.
It turned out okay I suppose! Ran out of time though AGAIN


Gucci neon jeans

Shopping bags bursting at the seams


Diamond Chanel belt

Round your waist

Shame that money cant buy you taste


The Fashion Victim

Youve been stitched up good

You always picked up

What the magazines said you should