Running Out of Time

posted in PRC234 on Dec 28, 2012
Sources: (both composed by Nobuo Uematsu)
Final Fantasy 9, Freya's Theme/Gizalamuke's Grotto:
Chrono Trigger, Belthasar/Sealed Door:

I remain convinced Uematsu thought back to his Chrono Trigger tracks while writing the music for FF9. It was frightening how well these two fit together, despite being different moodswhile both are intense and pensive, one's sad and dreamy and the other's frenetic and desperate. So I tried to capture /all/ those moods.

The theme of time running out also ties them together, as (spoilers), Belthasar is slowly dying and Freya races home to protect her kingdom (which (spoiler spoiler) she fails at). All that, and I only had 13 hours to put this together! I'm sure there are a lot of problems left to fix, like getting a guitar take that actually hits all the notes properlyI used an E-bow to get that infinite sustain wailing, but had to quiet it up to mask the mistakes.