Amnesia: The Dark Ambient

posted in OHC284 on Mar 20, 2014
Amazing, outstanding pun aside, I just designed a synth based off of the concept. Naturally, having played Amnesia, the word "amnesia" makes me think of the game so I made dark stuff.


posted in OHC265 on Nov 07, 2013
Two years have passed. Humanity fell to pieces as evil took hold of the land in my absence. As I recover from my overwhelming amnesia, I remember a shattered visage of my former self. A self unable to protect his people. A weak self. I now return to the fallen kingdom to make amends with my shortcomings and take the world back from the grasp of darkness. If Earth has forgotten my name, they will remember today.


posted in OHC255 on Aug 29, 2013
You sit at the kitchen table, alone tonight. They're gone. The wife. The kids. Of course, you were too fucking weak to save them. You fucking loser. After their funeral this morning you went directly to the liquor store to ease this crushing burden. Knocking over several empty shot glasses in the process, you pick up the bottle of vodka once more. This time, you ignore the glasses, and gluttonously consume the contents. You selfish fuck. The light is off. You promised yourself you wouldn't cry, but here you are. You can't even keep a promise to yourself. You sit. Your entire existence is the table, the bottle, and your failure. There's a gun in your bedroom dresser, you remember. You walk down the hall, and close the door behind you.


posted in OHC254 on Aug 22, 2013
The inviting sun shines through the now-open door. You hear the birds chirp and the breeze blow as you leave behind your fears and worries. With relief, you exhale slowly as you take your first step outside. Finals are over.


posted in OHC253 on Aug 15, 2013
You sit lazily in the morning grass. The refreshing spring breeze blows by as the birds sing their song. Three years have passed since that fateful winter night. Though you will never be able to return to the innocent person you once were, you don't mind. Your people are free, and that's all you can ask. Self-sacrifice is a prerequisite to change, so you embrace your past, and welcome the future. You sit alone in the morning grass. Friends and family all gone, noble men and women who gave their lives because they knew it was worth it. And maybe it was. At least, you hope so. The village children are playing in the distance, and you smile.

Into The Valley

posted in OHC197 on Jul 19, 2012
Perhaps could be mixed better. Definitely going to make a full song out of this. But yeah, picture a foggy, misty, grey-atmosphere-having valley filled with legions of enemy soldiers in medieval times, and you are escorting someone or something.

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