Phoenix Wright - Reminiscence ~ DL6 Case
Phoenix Wright - Police Cell ~ Jailers' Elegy

This round has two sources. Since the first one doesn't have a MID, Zerothemaster selected a second source (from the same game). Remixing the first is encouraged but not necessary. I edited the name of the second MID a little to avoid miscommunication.

"I love Phoenix Wright. He's the best. So here are two Phoenix Wright tunes! I wanted to do "Reminiscence ~ DL6 Case" from the original, but couldn't locate a midi, and since you said "You may also select a source without a MID, but then you must provide a second source with a MID file", I'll do that and include "Police Cell ~ Jailers' Elegy" as well. =D

Reminiscence ~ DL6 Case

Police Cell ~ Jailers' Elegy



Deadline is April 2nd, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time.
  • Start: on 3/22/12
  • Deadline: on 4/2/12
  • Voting Ends: on 4/4/12


PRC215_Police Cell Source - detention.mid
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