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At last, yes we are (no I AM ) a bit late to start this ORC.

Nase wrote:

i chose a tune from a failed game project that was meant to be in midi format. i made my own soundbank for it though, which had to total at around 2 mb. it's just meant as a fun bonus, but if anyone can make good use of the original samples in his mix, that'd be pretty entertaining.

the tune has kind of a flying above the clouds and lazily munching away at rainbows feel to it. quite relaxed but still ridiculously saccharine.
the midi isn't perfect, the pitch automation was screwed up and i couldnt be arsed to reprogram it all perfectly.

  • Start: on 7/1/10
  • Deadline: on 7/18/10
  • Voting Ends: on 7/25/10


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