A Most Curious Summons

posted in OHC300 on Jul 10, 2014
You're just minding your own business one day, coming home from a long day's work at the breadsmith's place (they refuse to call themselves bakers because then the blacksmith will make fun of them) when you see a package on the step to your dodecagonal hut. There's no return address, but it says in big poorly-drawn letters REDY 4 ADVENCHUR?

At this point, any escape from your humdrum life would be welcome, so you open it up to find a map. That is also poorly drawn. So you jump in your spaceship and leave your tetrahedron-shaped planet and head off for "advenchur" as the package said.


posted in OHC206 on Sep 20, 2012
You always had a mission-oriented mindset, and this latest excursion is your biggest yet. You're destined to go into space, be the first person to break free from your home planet's gravitational pull and head into space. You also know this could very well be your last mission.

A tune plays through your head as you ascend through the atmosphere, a simple rhythm. And as you reach ever higher, the tune intensifies as your planet shrinks from sight.

And then, once you're free to float through the cosmos, it calms down. And silence falls in as the cryosleep kicks in...

When will you next see life, you wonder, your last thought before slumber overtakes you.

Inside the Sanctum

posted in OHC204 on Sep 06, 2012
You make your way into a chamber deep within the center of the jungle, and find a strange sight. All around you, what look to be highly advanced computers and monitors. Together, they make an interesting harmony.

Suddenly you are whisked away as the floor beneath you begins to move on a conveyor belt. As it takes the turns throughout this temple, it adds to the symphony. And as soon as it begins, it ends...

You are left staring at a console, and the holographic projection above it reveals one thing at first glance.

This console contains the answers to all the questions.

Silent, you advance towards it, and a thought

A Monotonous Dream

posted in OHC175 on Feb 16, 2012
Imagine, if you will, a world where every day is exactly the same. You wake up, head downstairs, have breakfast, and head outside. Surrounding you are a bunch of identical houses with identically-dressed folks getting in their identical cars to go to the same job as you.

After a while, this dream life of a family and work begins to show its monotony.

And the repetition of the routine gets to you...

And as each identical day passes by, you start looking...

You start wondering...

Is there any way out of this?

Groove of Doom

posted in OHC152 on Sep 08, 2011
The end describes how I feel an emotional breakdown to be.

Thus it fits in with the theme.

Other than that, I'm rather proud of the main melody I have going there; I may just use it again for other purposes. Who knows?


posted in OHC151 on Sep 01, 2011
I said I'd name it BEAR KIG last week, so I did. I hope it fits the theme. If it doesn't, my BEAR KIG will find you all and eat you. Seriously, you don't mess with ursine royalty, and especially not the misspelled type. I've lost my grandpa to them.... WHY BEAR KIGS WHY!?!?!?!?
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