Spinning The Wheel (StW)

What is Spin The Wheel?

Spin The Wheel is hosted every 3 weeks and consists of selecting VGM music to remix!

The way it works is really simple. We have a choice of 6 consoles. NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1, Arcade, and PC. All these games are put into a tombola, and then a console is selected a random, by the process of spinning the wheel. I utilize an appropriate system, that works, so don't think I am deliberately selecting a game.

Once a game system is selected, we then approach Ten Games of that system, which are then also put into the tombola and chosen at random. In the end, we will have a working game from a working console.

Once that is done, you pick a track from the game, and get remixing! This process takes up to 2 weeks, the time spent working on your mix. After the 2 weeks are up, we then use all the entries we have and begin voting. Voting takes a week and works in the format of First, Second and Third. Once you have voted, you cannot vote again. The winner with the most votes, wins the competition and can select 6 games, one for each console. 6 games already in the tombola, will be replaced with the chosen games. For a full extensive manual to how this is run, look below! The first official game will be display here! The rules are at the bottom.

Current games in the wheel are in this document. It will change as we progress in each competition:

Organizer: TheVideoGamer

All Rounds (6)
Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
StW6 - Battle Garregga on 4/17/19 on 5/8/19 on 5/11/19
StW5 - Jazz Jackrabbit on 3/20/19 on 4/8/19 on 4/13/19
StW4 - Silver Surfer NES on 2/17/19 on 3/11/19 on 3/15/19
StW3 - Spyro the Dragon! on 1/26/19 on 2/8/19 on 2/11/19
StW2 - STW2 - Driver 2 (PS1) on 1/6/19 on 1/22/19 on 1/27/19
StW1 - Number 1 - X Men 2 on 1/1/19 on 1/2/19 on 1/3/19