Anime Remix Compo (AR24C)

Anime Remix is hosting weekly and holiday competitions to remember, respect, and enjoy Animations that we love, hate, or simply want to share with the community. Source material and possible additional resources will be provided. All remixes must be submitted within the time suggested in the description.

Organizer: Xaleph

All Rounds (5)
Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
AR24C4 - Bleach Piano Drama! on 5/21/08 on 6/11/08 on 6/13/08
AR24C3 - Yakitate Battle on 5/12/08 on 5/19/08 on 5/22/08
AR24CSPDRC - Speed Racer on 4/6/08 on 5/12/08 on 5/15/08
AR24C2 - Code Geass on 3/28/08 on 3/30/08 on 4/2/08
AR24C1 - Love Hina on 3/10/08 on 3/13/08 on 3/15/08