Hello everyone!
So you may or may not know me. I started participating in OHC in round 102, after much pestering and bugging from my friend DDRKirby(ISQ), I finally gave it a try. I was pretty intimidated during my first listening party, sitting through all those long and great entries that everyone else submitted, when all I had was derping around with 3xosc bass and some simple drums. Then, my second OHC and listening party was OHC 105. And one of the awesome entries that weekk was CJthemusicdude's, Journey to the center of...something. And that made me realize just how awesome our community is. All the humor. All the great compositions. The strange compositions as well. And the awesome vocal entries.

So thanks. For letting me and others know about this compo. For the awesome music. For giving good feedback. For participating. For anything and everything having to do with One Hour Composition.

Anyways, OHC started already, I need to work on my actual entry now. =D

- Acuity

Songs used:
Usabell - Layers of Earth (OHC105)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Pixel by Pixel (OHC169)
CJthemusicdude - Journey to the center of... something (OHC105)
munchi - Falling in the a river of lava sucks (OHC105)
sci - Jazz Cannon (OHC180)
trancient - Move with the Monster(OHC192)
CJthemusicdude - Prelude(OHC199)
Azura - The Will to Persist(OHC177)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Reversion(OHC134)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life Remix WIP (OHC197)