I just need to get to the save (DDC20)

Video Games

This should be super-self-explanatory, so I will not give you any hyopthetical verbage to start the creative juices flowing. Make a song about or related to video games. Playing them, designing them, hating them, whatever.

Teammate-choosing happens in #ThaSauce on irc.esper.net, right at the compo's start (9:00 Eastern). Listening party, in the same IRC channel, immediately follows the compo's completion.

After the listening party, entrants and non-entrants alike can vote for their three favorite songs from all entries. Voting is open for 10 days, and is open to anyone.


Gotta have vocals.
Gotta have lyrics.
No choosing a teammate until the compo starts.
No working on your song at all before the compo begins.
Gotta be within the theme of the evening.
Completed submissions are to be uploaded in mp3 format, encoded at no higher than 192 kbps.

Because of ThaSauce's account-based upload system, either member of a given team may upload his team's submission. However, both should not. If you are your team's designated uploader, make sure you note your teammate in your song's description, and give your team a cool name. (Cool names only. Teams with lame names automatically forfeit.)

How to play:

Simply log on to irc.esper.net with any irc client--I recomend Googling mIRC if you need one, or aren't sure what IRC is--and join channel #ThaSauce. (just type "/join #ThaSauce" in the prompt at the bottom of the screen if you're using mIRC.) Anyone is welcome as a participant or spectator, but the rudimentary (or better) ability to write and record music is required in case of the former.

To upload your team's finished song, and listen to other teams' submissions during the listening party, find the Doubles' Dash you're participating in at the bottom of this page and go to its page; each Doubles' Dash is numbered and dated, so, if you aren't sure, just look for today's date.


By participating in this compo, you should...

Enjoy a fun game.
Make a good song.
Seize a rare opportunity to hone your ability as a co-writer.
Start: on 9/28/12
Deadline: on 9/28/12
Voting Ends: on 10/8/12

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